Integrated European
Long-Term Ecosystem, critical zone and
socio-ecological Research

eLTER engages at the annual Helmholtz Topic 5 meeting in Leipzig

14 March 2024

eLTER actively participated in the annual Helmholtz Topic 5 meeting titled “Landscape of the Future – Securing Terrestrial Ecosystems and Freshwater Resources under Natural Dynamics and Global Change”, held at the UFZ premises in Leipzig on 5-6 March 2024. This was the first meeting of all four participating Helmholtz centres: AWI, HEREON, GFZ and UFZ.

During the meeting, eLTER showcased a poster presentation focusing on 'eLTER Standard Observations as a blueprint for internationalisation of in-situ observations in Earth Science'. The selection of eLTER RI in situ observations – the ’eLTER Standard Observation’ (eLTER SOs) – is critical for the design of the network and the overall services eLTER RI will provide. Cross-site and cross-habitat compliant standardised SOs will enable the integration of measurements from plot to continental scales as required to address the eLTER Research Challenges. Standardisation of procedures and traceability of the observations to known standards are a historical approach towards harmonisation, such as the co-location of observations, or the harmonisation of measurement protocols across RIs. In that sense, the eLTER SO’s pave the ground for international cross-RI collaboration.

The mission of Topic 5 is to develop pathways towards multifunctional landscapes which maintain functioning ecosystems, halt biodiversity loss, and provide fresh water, food, and habitable living spaces as essential resources for humans. For more information on Topic 5 please go here.