Integrated European
Long-Term Ecosystem, critical zone and
socio-ecological Research

How to join LTER-Europe

LTER-Europe is not strictly a membership organisation: there is no joining fee, for example. Instead, LTER-Europe is a network of national networks and acts as a continental regional group of the global LTER network of networks, ILTER.

We are establishing a new LTER network in Europe: how can we become part of LTER-Europe?

LTER-Europe adheres to the policies of the International Long-Term Ecological Research Network (ILTER). Therefore, you will need to apply for membership of ILTER. The European LTER community has elaborated a simple description and guideline how national networks are typically initiated and set up.

We operate a long-term monitoring site but are not part of a network: what can we do?

Contact the LTER network in your country if one exists. You can find details of existing National Networks which are members of LTER-Europe, collaborate in European eLTER projects and are involved in the eLTER ESFRI process. The National Networks will review your site application and, if the criteria are met, they will be able to officially acknowledge (validate) your site from the national perspective in the site registry DEIMS-SDR.  Note that only inserting your site into DEIMS-SDR does not necessarily mean your site will become a part of your country’s national LTER network, which may have its own criteria for inclusion.