Integrated European
Long-Term Ecosystem, critical zone and
socio-ecological Research

DEIMS-SDR (Dynamic Ecological Information Management System - Site and dataset registry) is an information management system that allows you to discover all eLTER sites. DEIMS-SDR contains each site’s location, ecosystems, facilities, observed properties or research themes. At the same time a growing number of associated datasets and data products can be directly accessed 

To find your site(s), DEIMS-SDR provides a keyword search, predefined filters or a map search. By including accurate, up-to-date information in DEIMS-SDR, site managers benefit from greater visibility for their eLTER site, LTSER platform and datasets, which can help attract funding to support site investments. 

The aim of DEIMS-SDR is to be the globally most comprehensive catalogue of environmental research and monitoring facilities, featuring foremost but not exclusively information about all eLTER sites and providing that information to science, politics and the public in general.