Work Package 1

eLTER RI Strategic Plan
25 Aug

Charter for the Scientific Advisory Board

20 Apr

Current activities and future potential for private sector collaboration

8 Feb

Work Package 2

eLTER Interim Council Rules of Procedure and terms of reference
17 Aug

Work Package 1

Feedback from SAB received (related to D 1.1 eLTER RI Strategic Plan)
19 Aug

Work Package 2

Members nominated and constitutional (related to D 2.1 eLTER Interim Council Rules of Procedure and terms of reference)
11 Aug (milestone reached Dec. 2020)

Work Package 3

eLTER IC has decided on the legal form for eLTER and approved the hosting country
21 Jun (legal entity decided Dec. 2020)

eLTER Site Catalogue

eLTER Site Catalogue 

A catalogue of 150 eLTER Sites and eLTSER Platforms from 22 countries across Europe

Impact Sheets

Impact sheets 

information sheets showing how European LTER is used to address societally-relevant issues 

Impact magazine article

Mirtl, M. (2018). A continental view of connected environmental research. Impact, Volume 2018, Number 8, November 2018, pp. 30-32