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Shita Wadi – a public seminar and field trip to the LTER station

10 July 2022

A seminar on acacia trees and water in the southern Arava was held on 31.3.2022, at the Eilot Branch of the Dead Sea and Arava Science Center (DSASC). The seminar was part of an environmental educational project "Water in the Desert", with the support of KKL, Eilot Regional Council and the DSASC.

The seminar was attended by about 50 participants, including KKL representatives, scientists, various stakeholders and local audience. During the seminar, we enjoyed fascinating lectures about acacias given by young researchers conducting research in institutions of higher education in Israel, lectures by DSASC researchers monitoring and researching at Shita Wadi LTER site, and KKL personnel.

After the sessions, we went on a tour to the KKL LTER site Shita Wadi. The field trip demonstrated research methods and hydrological and ecological aspects of the habitats and ecosystem of the hyper-arid zone. The future of acacias is uncertain, as it is impacted by the continuous diminution of open spaces, climate changes including extreme events, and desertification. We strongly believe in the power of dialogue between stakeholders, sharing information and working together to protect nature and open spaces.

Participants in the public seminar at Shita Wadi