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Scientist permanent position in soil science at INRAE

1 February 2023

The permanent position of scientist at INRAE in soil sciences (erosion and effect of plant cover), at the LISAH lab is now open to competition, with the following schedule.

Candidates must have a PhD or equivalent. In-depth skills in soil science and, ideally, in soil physics are highly recommended. Knowledge in modelling would be particularly appreciated. Basic knowledge of functional ecology would be a plus. Good interpersonal skills and openness to multidisciplinary are essential.

Candidates should have a good command of English (both written and spoken), and long-term international experience would also be desirable. Successful candidates who have not yet acquired this experience abroad will be required to do so after their probationary period (1st year).

  • Opening of applications: 30 January 2023      
  • Registration deadline: 2 March 2023      
  • Eligibility test: April 2023      
  • Admission test: between the end of May and mid-June 2023       
  • Starting date: September 2023

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