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A post-doctoral position in Atmospheric Chemistry at INERIS, France

29 November 2023

INERIS is the French national expert institution in terms of environmental risks. Its mission is to contribute to the prevention of risks caused by economic activities to health, environment, and the safety of people and goods. As part of its research activities and support to public authorities, the unit ANAE develops analytical procedures for the characterisation of various environmental matrices including air. Its research activities are strongly linked to its implication in the French national air quality monitoring laboratory (LCSQA) and are focused on the study of atmospheric aerosols including their physicochemical characterisation, understanding of their sources, emission and/or formation processes, as well as their impact on air quality (toxicity) and climate.

Currently, INERIS announced an open post-doctoral position for studying and understanding the secondary organic aerosols (SOA) formation processes from residential wood-burning appliance emissions and from typically emitted SOA precursors. A requirement for the position is a PhD in chemistry, physics, atmospheric sciences, environmental engineering, or a closely related field with experience in experimental sciences and data analysis.

To learn more about the position, go here.