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M.Sc. program in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Lille

20 June 2022

A 2-years program graduating a Master of Science in physics or chemistry of the atmosphere at the University of Lille, at the highest level aiming to give intendants a strong background in:

·       Physical and chemical properties of the atmosphere from the molecular to the global scale,

·       Analytical sciences applied to airborne environment,

·       Recent research activities on air pollution and climate changes.

 The international Master  « Atmospheric Sciences » is supported by the french Laboratory of Excellence CaPPA which involves large complementary research projects gathering together partner teams with strong scientific qualifications. It leads top-level research activities thanks to the diversity of researchers’ disciplines and its promising research topics.

 Training is dedicated to students in physics and/or chemistry wishing to follow a specialization in atmospheric sciences to get a strong background in theory and practical work.

Deadline to apply: 30 June 2022

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