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Microclimate Ecology & Biogeography conference to be hold in March 2022

24 October 2021

From 28-31March 2022, the first international conference on microclimate ecology and biogeography, supported by the SoilTemp network, will be held in Antwerp, Belgium.

The Microclimate Ecology & Biogeography conference aims to be the first large international conference to put microclimate and its applications in ecology and biogeography on the centre stage. We welcome microclimate enthusiasts with a broad variation of interests, including different spatiotemporal scales , ecosystems and organisms of interest.

Topics include species distributions, ecosystem functioning, biogeochemistry and applications in agriculture. The conference hopes to be predominantly an in-person event, but we will also facilitate remote participation via, among others, online presentations. The preconference excursion on Monday will visit two eLTER sites: First, we stop at FORBIO Hechtel-Eksel, an innovative, large-scale forest biodiversity experiment established in 2012.

The second stop is the Hoge Kempen National Park. The park hosts the Hasselt Ecotron, an ICOS site and several other LTERs, where research groups from universities and institutes are monitoring and measuring abiotic and biotic parameters throughout the different ecosystems.

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Ecotron by Paul Hermans (CC BY 4.0)