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LTsER Ria de Aveiro addresses climate change with two projects

15 May 2023

The research group of LTsER Ria de Aveiro from the University of Aveiro is involved in two H2020 projects that will consolidate basic knowledge on biodiversity, ecosystem services, restoration ecology, ecosystem management and environmental economics. Through these projects, the group will be able to address climate change, biodiversity loss and habitat degradation, aiming towards sustainable management of European wetlands.

The two projects are:

1. RESTORE4Cs - "Modelling Restoration of wetlands for Carbon pathways, Climate Change mitigation and adaptation, ecosystem services, and biodiversity, Co-benefits" will assess the role of restoration action on wetlands capacity in terms of climate change mitigation and a wide range of ecosystem services using an integrative socio-ecological systems approach. 

The project involves a multidisciplinary consortium of 15 partners, from 9 European countries, bringing together a well-structured and multi-disciplinary team, holding all the essential expertise to be at the forefront of this research area/policy interface.

 2. BESIDE - "Institutional, BEhavioural, critical and adaptive economics towards Sustainable Development, management of natural capital and circular Economy" aims to reinforce and consolidate at the University of Aveiro a research group of excellence in Environmental Economics and Natural Resources

The BESIDE project will benefit from the scientific coordination of Dr. Ana Lillebø and the recent hiring of ERA Chair Holder, Dr. Helena Vieira. BESIDE Involves all 12 research groups from CESAM, GOVCOOP staff and the (ongoing) hiring of an exclusive team in Economics. Research activities will focus on filling gaps in environmental economics studies to support business and policy decisions, financial impact assessment of environmental policies, high-skilled job opportunities, and the promotion of circular economy solutions and business models.

Photo: Participants during the RESTORE4Cs kick-off meeting