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LTER Portugal assists in publishing a paper on importance of grazing

1 February 2023

Research at the Montado LTSER platform has resulted in a globally interesting paper entitled “Grazing and ecosystem service delivery in global drylands” published in Science 378, 915–920 (2022).

This is particularly important when we know that livestock grazing on ecosystem services is a hotly debated topic and a challenging one. In this paper, the grazing effect was assessed, taking into account multiple variables and different properties of rangelands such as soil, climate and biodiversity.

The participation of Portuguese researchers in this publication was possible due to the importance of Montado ecosystems and the amount of data collected in this LTSER socio-ecological platform.

This short video summarises the most important conclusions. Check it out!

Screenshot from the video on “Grazing and ecosystem service delivery in global drylands”