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Joint online program for Citizen Science across LTSER platforms: A catalyst for network collaboration

4 January 2022

A joint Citizen Science (CS) initiative is being developed within the well-known iNaturalist network to create an umbrella project that will promote long-term biodiversity data registration. This initiative aims to have an impact on the eLTER network, both at a local scale, by strengthening the relationship between citizens living in LTSER areas and the researchers and managers who operate them, and at a European scale, by strengthening the interaction between platforms.

Individual projects will be created for each LTSER platform within the eLTSER umbrella project so that in the future common CS initiatives can be carried out across the entire LTSER network. This will also give visibility to the eLTER network within the community of citizen scientists registered on iNaturalist.

In order for it to be a successful initiative, several types of training are being planned for platform managers/scientists to develop projects within iNaturalists. Other types of training dedicated to the application of best practices in CS, as well as techniques for involving citizens in biodiversity registration are also being planned.

Stay tuned for the next news to participate in this joint initiative and in the meantime take a look at the project under construction: