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Joint ICP IM & Waters meeting in Austria back-to-back with 30th anniversary celebration of Zöbelboden site

1 August 2023

The Environment Agency Austria (ЕАА) organised this year's joint Task Force Meeting for ICP Integrated Monitoring and ICP Waters of the Geneva Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP). The event took place at the WasserCluster Lunz in Austria and gathered a total of 60 experts from 17 countries. During the event, EAA also presented the results of 30 years of ecosystem monitoring at the Zöbelboden site, which is part of LTER Austria and a candidate for the eLTER Research Infrastructure.

Austria has been involved in the ICP Integrated Monitoring since 1992. Monitoring data from the Zöbelboden site are reported annually to the Program Centre and the ЕАА works actively on scientific syntheses in various international teams within the framework of ICP Integrated Monitoring and beyond.

The CLRTAP’s site monitoring network for the effects of air pollutants in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems has a close cooperation with eLTER, which was formally adopted by a letter of cooperation last year. The specific areas of cooperation have been defined as:

  • Standardisation and harmonisation of measurement protocols and standards
  • Methodological development for both cost efficiency and data accuracy
  • Scientific co-operation in data evaluation and analyses
  • Network development for wider spatial coverage
  • Identification and specification of services of joint interest.
The Environment Agency Austria Task Force members