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Job: Atmospheric modeller at NILU

5 July 2022

NILU is a dynamic research institute providing expertise on a wide range of climate and environmental topics. NILU’s Atmosphere and climate (ATMOS) department studies atmospheric processes, pollutants, including greenhouse gases, as well as the dispersal of aerosols and radionuclides.

The ATMOS department is seeking a research scientist to join their team. The successful candidate will use atmospheric transport modelling and inverse modelling to better understand the sources, sinks and transport of various atmospheric pollutants, including greenhouse gases. For greenhouse gases, specifically CO2 and CH4, the use of satellite data will also play an important role. The principle atmospheric transport model used at ATMOS is the Lagrangian particle dispersion model, FLEXPART, for which ATMOS is also one of the main developers. The successful candidate will also eventually be expected to develop their own research interests and to write proposals.

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