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Job: Associate Senior Lecturer in Ecosystem Science

6 April 2022

The Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Gothenburg is looking for an Associate Senior Lecturer in Ecosystem Science. The Department trains Earth scientists and geographers, who can meet the increased need for geoscientists and geographers in society. It has bachelor and master programs in Earth Sciences and in Geography as well as third-cycle education in several Earth Science subjects. Its main research themes are “Climate and Climate Change”, “Earth Surface Processes” and “The Geosphere” and the research strategy of the department emphasizes on further development of Earth System Science.

The post of associate senior lecturer is a career-development position aimed at giving the employee an opportunity to improve their teaching and academic capabilities. At the end of the term of employment, an associate senior lecturer may apply for promotion to the post of senior lecturer. If the associate senior lecturer is judged to be suitable and to meet the criteria for promotion, they will be employed on a permanent basis as a senior lecturer.

The successful candidate should conduct research at the Skogaryd Research Catchment, which is included in the national infrastructure networks SITES (Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Sciences) and ICOS-Sweden. The Skogaryd Research Catchment has several eddy covariance systems for greenhouse gas (GHG) flux measurements.

This position relates to the department’s research themes “Climate and Climate Change” and “Earth Surface Processes”, and the successful candidate is expected to contribute to their further development. You will be part of the Biogeochemistry research group at the Department of Earth Sciences. The research concerns how biogeochemical cycles are influenced by climate and their potential feedback mechanisms, where we especially try to find mitigations for greenhouse gas emissions. Cooperation with other research group at the department and faculty are expected.

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