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The first Science National Park in the world contains an eLTER site

2 May 2022

A proposal for the world's first science national park is currently being considered by the Finnish government. The 4800 ha park would be situated within southern Finland's Lammi LTER and aims to strengthen scientific activities in the area as well as serve as a platform for the general public and scientists to interact.

The Evo area has a rich history of scientific research dating back over a century and has been the site of intense ecological research and monitoring for many decades. With almost 700 peer reviewed papers published from the area since 1978, it is one of the most intensely researched geographic areas of Finland.

In the proposed science national park, the research done in the area will be brought to light for visitors, but the park also has a broader aim to enhance visitors' scientific literacy through activities, opportunities to participate in citizen science and the holding of annual science days.

Illustration credits: Maria Luna Tescar