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Exploring the Latest Tools and Techniques for Environmental Data Management at the eLTER Tools Workshop

20 April 2023

The eLTER tools workshop was held in Lyon, France in mid-February 2023, with about 20 participants from 10 countries. The workshop aimed to introduce the latest tools and techniques for working with environmental data from eLTER stations.

Topics covered included the collaborative data management platform, DataLabs, which provides a secure space for researchers to collaborate and store code and data. Participants were also introduced to Python tools to extract information from DEIMS-SDR, an essential metadatabase that stores information on eLTER sites. The ReLTER R-package was also introduced, providing a streamlined way to access data from eLTER stations, allowing researchers to easily combine and analyse data from multiple sources. PhenoApp and Cookie-cutting tools were also introduced. 

Participants visited restoration sites in Lyon and monitoring stations in the region, providing valuable insights into the challenges of working with environmental data. 

The workshop was an excellent opportunity for researchers and data managers to learn about the latest advancements in environmental data management and analysis. It emphasised the importance of collaboration, data sharing, and practical applications in achieving successful outcomes in ecosystem research.

Participants left with a better understanding of the latest tools and techniques for working with environmental data from eLTER stations as well as a greater appreciation of the importance of collaboration and data sharing.