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EnvEurope awarded "Best" LIFE Environment project status at Green Week

2 March 2015

LTER-Europe's EnvEurope project picks up an award at Green Week, Brussels                

The EnvEurope project, which was started by and developed within LTER-Europe, has recently won an award for Best LIFE Environment Project, 2014. EnvEurope, which was completely dedicated to the LTER-Europe network, was funded by the European Union's LIFE+ programme.

The project contributed to the integration and coordination of long-term ecological research and monitoring initiatives at European level, focusing on understanding the status, changes and trends of ecosystems, with an integrated broad-scale and cross-domain (terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems) strategy, combining the efforts of 11 countries and of at least 67 sites belonging to the LTER-Europe network.

Alessandra Pugnetti (CNR, Italy, pictured below), who coordinated EnvEurope, received the award in early June, during a ceremony in Brussels at EU green week 2015. EnvEurope was one of 17 exemplary projects awarded "Best" project status.