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eLTER Stillberg site (Switzerland): renewed interest in treeline ecology at the International Mountain Conference IMC

5 October 2022

The International Mountain Conference took place in Innsbruck (September 11-15, 2022), continuing the series of scientific conferences exclusively targeting mountain-research.

Hosted in the European Alps, the IMC provided a fantastic opportunity for experts from different disciplines to discuss mountain-related issues in a cross-disciplinary setting. The conference aimed at enhancing and synthesizing our understanding of mountain systems, particularly their response and resilience to global change.

On the verge of its 50th anniversary, the Stillberg afforestation experiment was presented at the IMC with two oral presentations and two posters, sowing the seeds of potential future collaborations in this unique site and setting in the Swiss Alps. The renewed interest for the five decades of monitoring data on growth and survival of trees at the treeline is now also supported by the new StillbergDAT project.

This project will make the data from 50 years of the different research activities conducted at eLTER Stillberg site openly available to the scientific community, thus contributing significantly to diverse synthesis studies on mountain ecosystems

The Swiss Alps.