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eLTER involvement in other projects: Biodiversity Digital Twin

7 March 2024

As eLTER becomes embedded in the European RI landscape, it contributes to more and more projects that involve other RIs and research institutions within its scope and mission, each an opportunity for eLTER to contribute, learn, and network. We will introduce projects eLTER is involved in over the next newsletters, so watch this space for news and updates!

eLTER contributes to the project BioDT – Biodiversity Digital Twin. This 3-year Horizon Europe project - started in June 2022 - aims to develop a Digital Twin prototype providing advanced simulation, modelling, and prediction capabilities, and, through practical use cases, to address critical issues in global biodiversity dynamics.

Together with three other environmental RIs, namely DiSSCo, GBIF, and LifeWatch, eLTER has joined a dynamic team of experts in biodiversity, high performance computing, artificial intelligence and FAIR data to push current boundaries of predictive understanding of biodiversity dynamics.

eLTER contributes to BioDT as data broker and mobilizer, capitalising on eLTER’s international network of instrumented sites and their wealth of legacy data, to inform BioDT’s advanced models for simulation and prediction capabilities, and supports the development of digital twins and work flows to FAIR data. These activities, in turn, also help to establish and develop key eLTER services and contribute to harmonisation and integration of data and work flows across the EU scientific landscape.

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