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eLTER at the Galileo Conference in Naples

8 August 2023

The 8th Galileo Conference on hydrological observatories was held from 12-15 June 2023, at the enchanting Historical Complex of Saints Marcellino and Festo in Naples, Italy. Organised by the Interdepartmental Center for Environmental Research (C.I.R.AM.) of the University of Naples Federico II, the event brought together 110 participants from 19 countries.

eLTER was represented at the conference by two members, Harry Vereecken and Steffen Zacharias. Both chaired breakout sessions, with Harry Vereecken leading a discussion on developing a strategy for a European network in hydrological observatories, and Steffen Zacharias focusing on the eLTER Standard Observations and their relationship to hydrology. The feedback from these sessions was overwhelmingly positive, sparking significant interest among participants to engage in the eLTER RI.

During the conference's second day, Steffen Zacharias delivered a dedicated keynote presentation on eLTER as a network. The criteria for joining eLTER were outlined, accompanied by results from eLTER PPP and eLTER PLUS projects. This conference not only facilitated valuable discussions but also served as a catalyst for considering the Naples community as a potential nucleus for an expert group in hydrology - a concept that was poised for further development in the future.