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eLTER at Biodiversity Information Standards TDWG2023 Conference

5 March 2024

The TDWG 2023 Conference (Oct 9th-13th 2023) took place in the city of Hobart, Tasmania, offering an exciting opportunity for scientists working with biodiversity informatics to come together and explore the latest advancements in biodiversity data management and standards.

Hanna Koivula (CSC) participated on behalf of eLTER PLUS, BioDT and FAIRCORE4EOSC projects, and highlighted the opportunities and means to integrate biodiversity data with other cross-disciplinary data by using standards, vocabularies, and mappings between them. The session most relevant to the eLTER RI was SYM11 Combining biodiversity and environmental data for addressing scientific and societal questions, which was chaired by eLTER PPP task lead Francisco “Paco” Pando (CSIC).

The TDWG2023 Conference was a fruitful and beneficial event providing lots of valuable connections to other European ecological and biodiversity data RIs. Presentations about Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs and Key-Value Pairs and No SQL databases for biologging data, as well as Data Products created by EMODnet Biology project were among the highlights, supplemented by inspiring coffee-break discussions with other participants. In the discussions between Paco Pando, the GBIF Secretariat and other RI representatives, we came to the conclusion that it would be great if the eLTER Biodiversity community would get more involved in the TDWG discussions about biodiversity standards and vocabularies, bringing in more insight on integration of biodiversity data with other ecological data.

All presentations are available in the youtube: TDWG 2023 Annual Conference

All abstracts can be read in the BISS under ‘TDWG Proceedings 2023’. 

eLTER presentation during the Biodiversity Information Standards TDWG2023 Conference