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Dr. Mark Frenzel shares is thoughts on collaboration between LTER-Europe and EU BON

1 February 2016

Dr Mark Frenzel (UFZ, Germany), who is closely involved in developing LTER-Europe, was interviewed recently about how LTER-Europe & EU BON can work together                

The European Biodiversity Observation Network, EU BON, has signed memoranda of understanding with almost thirty institutions and projects, aiming at greater collaboration and exchange of expertise. Among the early partners is LTER-Europe. Dr Mark Frenzel, who has had a leading role in the development of LTER-Europe for many years, was interviewed recently by EU BON. He was asked to share his thoughts on a range of issues, including how EU BON and its planned European biodiversity portal could benefit LTER-Europe, and how data collected within the LTER-Europe network could help improve our knowledge of biodiversity.

Mark highlighted the key role that will be played by the eLTER H2020 project over the next few years, which will help drive developments within the European LTER community, including, for example, the development of the DEIMS data portal.

You can read the full interview here.