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24 projects approved for funding from the eLTER TA-RA scheme

30 June 2021

After a scientific evaluation by peers from the community, 24 applications were approved for funding from the first eLTER call for Transnational and Remote Access (TA-RA) under the eLTER PLUS project.

Overall 67 scientists from across 10 countries will benefit from the scheme, using the sites in 11 other countries: Germany, France, the UK, Israel, Italy, Greece, Austria, the Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Finland.

The proposals cover a wide variety of ecosystems and topics to be researched – swamps, caverns, forests, coasts, deserts, fresh water, meadows, soil, leaves, climate change, population dynamics, microclimate, land use, etc.

Currently, due to the COVID-19 situation and different pandemic control measures across the continent, delays may occur, but eLTER PLUS offers the necessary flexibility to all its users so that they can carry our their project work whenever travel and other restrictions are lifted.

Both current and future applicants are encouraged to read and contribute to the blog articles written by users of the eLTER-TA scheme. These provide a glimpse of the hands-on experience of other scientists and will help them develop ideas for their own research and blog posts.