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2nd D-A-CH Geobiology Symposium

The D-A-CH Geobiology Symposium is a conference by early career scientists for early career scientists from the D-A-CH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) in the field of Geobiology or related fields. Geobiology is a highly interdisciplinary field that encompasses topics from diverse but related areas such as the origin and evolution of life, climate change, life in extreme environments, and the role of microorganisms in the geochemical processes in the biosphere. The conference will be held in English.

MSc and PhD students and postdocs are welcome to present their research!

Registration and abstract submission (for a talk or a poster) are open by 31 August 2023.

For abstract submission, you have to register first with the Indico platform, which allows effective organization of the event. You can find more information in the step-by-step guide on how to register with Indico.

Prof. Liane G. Benning from the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ), Potsdam will be the plenary speaker and will talk about "How microbial dynamics and geo-bio interactions accelerate the melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet".

12 Oct, 2023 to
13 Oct, 2023

Jena, Germany