eLTER EnRich Work Packages and their roles

eLTER EnRich will bridge the gap between the preparatory and operational phases of the eLTER ESFRI process through activities in 9 work packages

WP1 System Engineering approach and overall implementation planning

Mapping workflows underlying core eLTER services; designing and structuring the eLTER System Architecture using a system engineering approach; and assessing potential co-use of operational components and services from other RIs, networks, and infrastructures

WP2 System Engineering based implementation to transition to ERIC operations

Improving workflows; providing implementation scenarios based on different scenarios for timing and service hosting; and initiating a co-design process for the implementation of services

WP3 Cyberinfrastructure Plan 1.0, implementation control, and testing

Designing the eLTER ERIC’s Cyberinfrastructure Plan 1.0; drafting standards for metadata and data attributes for Standard Observation variables; and implementing cyberinfrastructure components and functionalities

WP4 Cyberinfrastructure Plan 2.0, controlling and testing towards ERIC operations

Designing a final Cyberinfrastructure Plan to inform the transition to ERIC operations; completing the data model with metadata for all mandatory eLTER Standard Observation variables; and implementing a structured and targeted enhancement of CI functionalities, focussing on co-design of services and possible co-implementation with other RIs

WP5 Preparation of legal entity and distributed operations

Supporting the legal, governance and financial frameworks of eLTER ERIC; prioritising core services for the next steps towards the eLTER RI; and developing a framework for hosting options and supporting early host selection processes

WP6 Legal entity and distributed operations establishment

Taking over the formalisation of eLTER ERIC from the PPP project and preparing the last steps for the eLTER ERIC legal entity and distributed operations of the RI in the starting phase; finalising the policies, procedures and guidelines for initial core services in support of hosting agreements; and preparing the ground for long-term operational and financial sustainability for the eLTER ERIC

WP7 Collaboration enhancement and dissemination campaigns

Ensuring continental coverage and network design with targeted enlargement of eLTER membership; promoting RI-RI relations and interoperability of eLTER services; and supporting the eLTER ESFRI process with targeted promotional campaigns and materials

WP8 eLTER collaborations and communication at the transition to eLTER ERIC

Facilitating a proper composition of member countries; anchoring eLTER RI global collaborations and partnerships in the implementation plan and operations; and operating the eLTER RI communication and dissemination office in close collaboration with counterparts in national LTER networks

WP9 Project management

Strategic project coordination; ensuring seamless information flow between PPP, PLUS and EnRich projects; quality control and monitoring of project activities and resource usage; creating structural and legal prerequisites needed for attaining EnRich objectives, including maintaining the Data Management Plan