Integrated European
Long-Term Ecosystem, critical zone and
socio-ecological Research

Standards and concepts

eLTER aims to collect, manage, synthesiсe and make available information on the long-term development of ecosystems and socio-ecological systems for the geo-, hydro-, bio-, atmo-, and sociosphere on different spatial scales across Europe. This requires comparable and standardized data from measurement programs with defined variables, methods and protocols, which are implemented in the eLTER Standard Observations (SOs). The materials provided here introduce and explain the selection criteria and purpose behind eLTER SOs, and the benefits of their adoption and harmonization with other measurement schemes for creation of standardised and compatible large-scale data sets.

Other observational methods

In addition to Standard Observations, many eLTER Sites and Platforms conduct additional measurements to further inform the research projects conducted there. The videos here present some of these extra observations and measurement techniques.

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Transnational Access and Remote Access

Transnational Access and Remote Access (TA & RA) to eLTER Sites and Platforms is one of the main services that we are offering. This allows scientists to conduct research projects at eLTER sites and to benefit from the infrastructure and available long-term data available.

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DEIMS-SDR, eLTER's Dynamic Ecological Information Management System - Site and Dataset Registry, helps users to find long-term ecosystem research sites, measurements conducted at the sites, and contacts of relevant people.

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eLTER Standard Observations

Harmonised Stardard Observations form the basis for continental scale and inter-site reserach. This video introduces the framework of eLTER Standard Observations and their development.

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eLTER Sites

eLTER has a wide range of Sites and Platforms all across Europe. They cover various habitats ranging from grassland to forests and from inland waters to deserts. Come visit some of our eLTER Sites and Platforms through these videos!

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