Integrated European
Long-Term Ecosystem, critical zone and
socio-ecological Research

Social Ecology in eLTER

eLTER is the only environmental RI that directly addresses societal questions and environmental policies at local, regional and continental scales. We are constantly developing and refining our transdisciplinary frameworks, primarily through establishment and operation of socio-ecological LTSER Platforms to address eLTER's sustainability goals. Integral characteristics of the socio-ecological research framework are its iterative and reflective nature, and its support of ongoing dialogue between science and society, all to facilitate and strengthen the RI’s pursuit of sustainability in socio-ecological systems. Collection of both qualitative and quantitative essential socio-ecological data at the Platform scale will allow for upscaling of analyses and knowledge transfer to continental policy making on ecological and natural-resource issues.

Socio-ecological research in eLTER

This video introduces how and why the eLTER RI advances socio-ecological research.

Socio-ecological variables

This video presents a background on the need for standardised socio-ecological variables within the eLTER RI. It reports on initial testing of 46 variables in six long-term socio-ecological research (LTSER) platforms, and outlines next steps to finalise a set of standard socio-ecological observations that aim to describe the socio-ecological systems of Europe.

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eLTSER Platforms

This webinar gives an overview of the different eLTER site categories in contrast to the category of eLTSER platforms. In addition,  some examples of social-ecological research questions, methods and results are presented.

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Transdisciplinary science in eLTER

This presentation provides background on transdisciplinary science and how socio-ecological science is understood in the context of European LTSER. It introduces a participatory programme evaluation of European socio-ecological research, whose key recommendations have shaped the current eLTER RI, and emphasises the need for transdisciplinary science for addressing urgent environmental and sustainability challenges.

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Citizen Science at eLTSER Platforms

Citizen Science actively involves the public and society in the work of LTSER Platforms. This project uses iNaturalist across LTSER Platforms and is a good example of Citizen Science activities within eLTER.

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