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Job opportunity: Researcher for studies of the physical processes controlling the life cycle of fog

23 January 2022

As part of the SOFOG-3D measurement campaign that took place in 2018, the Pierre Simon Laplace Institute (Paris) and the National Meteorological Research Center (Toulouse) wish to work together on a better understanding of processes and values reviews of certain variables that may or may not favor the dissipation of so-called adiabatic mists.

The dissipation of continental fogs is an important phase because it often takes place during the day, therefore over a period of the day when human activities are strongly impacted. We have shown via a conceptual model that in a so-called adiabatic fog: i) the altitude of the fog top (CTH), the water content of the integrated fog (LWP), the visibility at the surface, and the temperature and pressure are related, and ii) that imminent dissipation may be associated with the water content of the integrated fog compared to a critical value (Toledo et al. 2021).

The conceptual model approach is valid for well-mixed adiabatic mists, as it assumes vertically homogeneous temperature changes. Since the conceptual model is one-dimensional, it will be important to study the impact of 3D processes such as horizontal transport on its validity.

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