Integrated European
Long-Term Ecosystem, critical zone and
socio-ecological Research

Info sheets

Overview of European LTER components

Info Sheet 1

What does a typical eLTER site look like?

Info Sheet 4

Making eLTER data fair

Info Sheet 8

Transdisciplinary research in eLTER RI – socio-ecological research platforms (eltser platforms)

Info Sheet 15

eLTER RI: The design

Info Sheet 17

How eLTER collaborates with peers in Europe and globally

Info Sheet 18

Service host selection process

Info Sheet 21

eLTER RI funding model

Info Sheet 22

The eLTER service portfolio development process

Info Sheet 23

eLTER stakeholder categories and analysis

Info Sheet 24

eLTER preparatory phase project (PPP)

Info Sheet 25

eLTER PLUS - advanced community project

Info Sheet 26

Catalogue of long-term ecosystem research and monitoring sites

Info Sheet 27

Building the eLTER information system

Info Sheet 29

eLTER standard observations

Info Sheet 30

Stakeholder interaction and communication

Info Sheet 31

Training, knowledge exchange, and mobility in eLTER: building the future

Info Sheet 32

eLTER’s access scheme

Info Sheet 33