Integrated European
Long-Term Ecosystem, critical zone and
socio-ecological Research

Data management and handling tools

eLTER's network of sites and platforms generates large amounts of diverse data. To support the provision and management of this data and to ensure its FAIRness, eLTER provides, maintains and continually develops a range of tools and services, which are introduced and explained here.


Well documented, quality controlled and curated datasets are a core prerequisite to enable scientific analysis and forecasting. The application of FAIR principles (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, Reusability) to research-data management is key for eLTER's committment to Open Science. This presentation gives insights on data interoperability and reusability and explains how these FAIR data principles are addressed in eLTER context.  

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ReLTER is an R-package developed within eLTER that provides access to DEIMS-SDR, thus allowing users to interact with software implemented by eLTER RI and improving the data and information shared among the Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) network.

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DAR - Digital Asset Register

The eLTER Digital Asset Register (DAR) holds documentation of eLTER’s digital assets, including signpost links to published legacy datasets.

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Publishing data papers

Publishing data sets through data papers is an important way to increase the openness and accessibility of science. This video underlines the importance of data papers in today's research landscape and shows how data papers can enhance the visibility and impact of your research, helping you to take your academic career to new heights. It also presents user experiences in publishing data papers.

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eLTER Data Labs

eLTER DataLabs is a collaborative platform for data integration and analysis. It includes several tools to support scientists with sharing data, work, code, and more.

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Cookie cutting

Cookie cutting is a tool to harmonise official statistics and other third-party data with eLTER site boundaries. In addition to introducing the tool, the video also explains how to resolve mismatches between third-party data and the boundary of your site.

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DEIMS-SDR, eLTER's Dynamic Ecological Information Management System - Site and Dataset Registry, helps users to find long-term ecosystem research sites, measurements conducted at the sites, and contacts of relevant people.

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The eLTER information-management system

The eLTER Information System is designed to provide data management and service delivery, and to link local and regional data providers to eLTER RI data-product delivery. It will provide the facilities to describe and discover, explore, and access long-term ecological observations from across the eLTER Site and eLTSER Platform network, including historic records and eLTER Standard Observations.

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